All you have to do is get started

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But you shouldn’t do it forever

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Three years of my life and at least $100,000 in expenses that I’ll never get back

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You don’t need to wait for a raise or for your employer to give you more hours.

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Your job should fit around your life — not the other way around

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And they probably aren’t Warren Buffet either

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You don’t have to wait for financial independence — instead, you can create your own version of financial independence right now

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Ignore the noise and stick to the basics

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Investing doesn't have to be hard — here are simple investment portfolios you can use that will stand the test of time

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There’s more to it than just paying off what you borrowed

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Kevin Ha

Writer, Side Hustler, & Blogger at I write about personal finance, financial independence, and side hustling in the gig economy.

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